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Community Guidelines



Fashion AR is set up as a fun, friendly and safe space for Fashion AR-istas to style, design and share. Help us to keep it a nice place to be by following these dos and don'ts:

Ask permission

- You should only use Fashion AR if you are 13 or over. If you are 18 or under, please check with your parent or guardian before playing the game.

- Ask permission of whoever is paying the bill before buying anything within the game. You can turn off in-app purchases on your device.

- Ask permission of anyone that appears in your pictures before uploading them onto the game and let them know we might use the pictures on our website and social media accounts.

Your safety

- Don't share any personal information e.g. passwords, phone numbers, financial information etc. on the forums and don’t ask anyone else for theirs. All payments will be made through Apple & Google – we will never ask you for payment details.

- We recommend that you don’t use your full real name as your username.

- Don’t let anyone else use your account.

- Take care when taking photographs and do not attempt to do so in places or situations which may be unsafe.

- If you are concerned about who you are talking to or what they are saying, please tell a parent/guardian and report it to us.

Your behaviour

- Be nice, inclusive and support and encourage each other!

- Don't make anyone feel bad about themselves or others or bully or threaten anyone.

- Don’t post private things about you or other people.

- Don't use sexist, racist, LGBTQ+phobic, xenophobic or degrading language or content, swear words or indecent or sexually graphic terms.

- Don't create any images or content that people might find offensive or which might upset people. Examples might be images showing nudity, violence, weapons etc.

- Don't use a username that someone might find offensive or which impersonates someone else.

- Remember your images will be public and may be shown on our website and social media. Don't photograph yourself or anyone else in a way you or they would not want to be seen by everyone.

- Don't upload photographs unless the people in them are happy for you to do so.

- Don't upload or use photographs or content created by other people unless they say you can.

- Don’t encourage others to break the rules.

- Don’t do anything against the law or which might create or encourage harm against anyone else.

Unfair use

- Don't try to cheat

- Keeping voting fair and don’t try to buy or force votes from others.

If you think someone is acting against these guidelines, please report it to us. If you don't follow these rules we might suspend or terminate your use of Fashion AR. If you don't agree with these rules then please don't play!

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